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Elizabeth Groves

Mental Health Diversion Coordinator, Grayson County, TX

Elizabeth graduated from the University of Missouri. Early professional experience includes positions in Respite Care, Direct Care, Service Coordination, Case Management, and Program Development. She has worked with individuals having Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and Mental Illness.

Additional professional experience includes the development of the Crisis Intervention and Prevention program at the Grayson County local mental health authority, which is what led Elizabeth to Texas from Missouri. Her forensics experience first began when she accepted a position of Misdemeanor Probation Officer for Grayson County. That position allowed her to transition into accepting the role of Team Lead over Jail Diversion / TCOOMMI / Outpatient Competency Restoration with a contiguous local behavioral health authority. That position is what paved the path for her current occupation, as the Grayson County Mental Health Diversion Coordinator.

Within the MHDC position, Elizabeth reports directly to the county’s five criminal court judges. She assists individuals with MH / IDD / SUD when they intersect with the criminal justice system. She completes mental health assessments for all individuals who present as having an early identification of mental illness or IDD. Additional duties include submission of those assessments to the courts / attorneys. As well, she creates community educations to provide information on various policies and procedures the courts have developed to better assist these individuals during incarcerations. Research includes obtaining various resources throughout this state and all other states, in regard to jail diversion / competency restoration programs / interventions pre and post adjudication. She works alongside stakeholders and community partners in identifying the needs of the county, that currently include housing and diversion opportunities. She participates in committees that focus on the ongoing development of creating additional resources.

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